Cory Booker Promises to Create Department for Abortions if Elected President

May 22, 2019May 22, 2019

Democratic presidential candidate Cory Booker is aiming to be the most pro-abortion pick of the 23 or so people running. He’s making it very clear that he’s going to do everything in his power to derail the pro-life movement.

According to Politico, the New Jersey senator will establish a “White House Office of Reproductive Freedom” if he actually gets elected president.

The office will concentrate on assuring paid maternal leave and health care, among other things. But judging by its name and how vocal he is with his anti-life positions, the true focus will certainly be on assuring that abortions are neither prevented nor discouraged.

Referring to the recent pro-life laws enacted in states like Georgia and Alabama, Booker screamed angrily through a microphone at a recent abortion rally: “We must understand that this is an assault on human dignity! It’s an assault on human liberty! It’s an assault on human freedom!”

"We will not stand for this kind of attack on human rights,” he also said.

If you didn’t know his beliefs, and you heard those words out of context, you might have thought he was standing up for the dignity, liberty, freedom, and rights of babies in the womb. But with Booker, that’s never the case.

In addition to creating an abortion department, Booker, as president, wants to turn the clock back on the progress President Trump has made on protecting preborn babies.

He wants to bring back funding for the United Nations Population Fund, which has been accused of supporting governments that force people to have abortions. He also wants to make sure that taxpayers are forced to fund abortion coverage in the Affordable Care Act.

"My goal with these actions isn't just to undo the damage the Trump administration and Republican state legislatures and governors have caused, but to affirmatively advance reproductive rights and expand access to reproductive care for all," he said, according to CBS News.

On top of that, Booker wants to make sure Roe v. Wade is sealed in cement to ensure that abortions will be upheld by federal law. And he has said he will only nominate judges who will keep widespread abortion legal, according to the Daily Wire.

CBS News notes that Booker wants to give minors more sex education. He wants to make sure teens know how to go about getting an abortion and minimized abstinence education, Fox News reported.

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