Creator of ‘Build the Wall’ GoFundMe Admits Failure, is Putting the Money Towards HUGE New Idea

January 11, 2019Jan 11, 2019

Triple amputee veteran Brian Kolfage had a border wall dream as big as President Trump’s. He started a GoFundMe campaign with a $1 billion goal to help the president fund the wall.

After his “We The People Will Build the Wall” GoFundMe page gained national attention, it brought in over $20 million in less than a month from well over 338,000 donors. It was an impressive amount, but when it became clear he wouldn’t get close to his $1 billion goal, Kolfage made good on his promise to start the process of refunding all the donors their money.

But his efforts to raise funds for the wall are not over. In fact, they’re just beginning.

On his GoFundMe page, Kolfage revealed that he has been working with a team of well-connected people — including former Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke and former Colorado congressman Tom Tancredo — to figure out how to get the donations approved for the federal government’s help. After a little while, they were forced to come to the realization that that won’t happen anytime soon.

But now it appears they have a private wall building effort in the works through a new non-profit corporation named We Build the Wall, Inc.

They believe they can “complete significant segments of the wall in less time, and for far less money, than the federal government, while meeting or exceeding all required regulatory, engineering, and environmental specifications.”

In his description of the new wall-building effort, Kolfage added that, “Our team strongly believes that we can complete our segments of the wall for less than half of the government’s estimated costs on a per mile basis.”

It appears that he aims to get the wall built on sections of border land where he can get approval from private landowners to construct it. But how will he get the funding if all the GoFundMe money is being refunded?

Kolfage asked his 338,000 donors to funnel their money to his We Build the Wall non-profit instead — if they want — and gave instructions on how to do it. And that’ll be just the start.

“When Americans see us completing real miles of beautiful wall, we know that we will raise the many billions we need to finally secure the entire border,” he said confidently.

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