De Blasio’s Anti-Trump Speech Hilariously Turns into One Giant Ad for Trump

May 20, 2019May 20, 2019

Was it an act of God?

That’s what some people are wondering after New York City Mayor Bill De Blasio was forced to move a speech/protest outside Trump Tower right into the lobby.

The mayor, who is now running for president as a Democrat, took a long line of SUVs to the skyscraper in order to give a speech on emissions and climate change last week, according to New York Magazine. It was all part of his NYC Green New Deal, patterned after socialist Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’ (D-N.Y.) unworkable plan.

Trump Tower is one of the many glass and steel skyscrapers in New York City that De Blasio wants to ban. He claims they emit too many emissions.

But then the skies opened up, forcing the mayor to flee into the lobby of President Trump’s building for shelter, Politico reported.

And then things just got worse for him.

Trump supporters blasted selections from Tony Bennett like “Rags and Riches” and “Because of You” through the sound system before the mayor spoke, the New York Times reported. And then as De Blasio spoke, the Trump supporters chanted loudly, forcing him to walk in front of his podium and lean down to hear questions from reporters — who seemed to find it inappropriate that he was holding the event inside Trump Tower.

And then something really hilarious happened.

Trump supporters began to ride down the escalator — the famous one Trump rode down before announcing his 2016 bid — while holding signs with messages like “Failed Mayor” and “Trump 2020.”

The Times described De Blasio’s press conference as “a circus.” Politico described it as a “spectacle.”

The mayor has been hit with a wave of criticism — including from his own party — since the day he officially announced his candidacy.

When he made his announcement on ABC’s “Good Morning America,” protesters could be heard chanting, “Liar! Liar! Liar!” right outside the studio window.

De Blasio’s campaign is doing so poorly that he is now admitting that he may not have the 65,000 individual donations needed to qualify for the first Democratic debate. He is one of at least 23 major candidates running for president in his party.

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