Democrat ‘Big, Blue Shutout’ Fails in California, GOP Candidates Advance in Primaries

June 06, 2018Jun 06, 2018

The Democrats were expecting a “big, blue shutout” in the California primary elections on Tuesday, but fell flat on their face as neither party managed to land any knockout blows.

With a narrow majority of 51 seats in the Senate and only needing a 23 seat swing in the House, Democrats have been optimistic of their chances of regaining control of the legislative branch.

The infamously liberal state of California, which has the largest congressional delegation of any state, was seen as an opportunity for key Democratic victories, eyeing the 14 of 53 seats currently held by the GOP.

California has a “jungle primary,” where all candidates compete on a single ballot and the top two advance to the general election, regardless of political party. This means that two Democrats or two Republicans can face each other in November.

With a jungle primary, the Democrats hoped a “big, blue shutout” in the primary would make every race a Democrat versus Democrat come November.

That didn’t happen.

GOP candidates advanced in the Anaheim-area, San Diego-area, and in Huntington Beach, to name a few. Even in the governor race, Republican candidate John Cox advanced to the second round of balloting.

With the tax cuts and growing economy, support for Republicans has improved. The unemployment rate among black and Latino voters is at a historic low.

Democrats had hoped that the Trump presidency would bring a “change” election during the next national election, but with the economy improving as much as it has, this might prove to be much more difficult than they anticipated.

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