WATCH: Even CNN Host Can’t Believe Dem’s Grotesque Abortion Claim

May 07, 2019May 07, 2019

Democrat Christine Quinn proclaimed that unborn children are not even "human beings" during a CNN segment on Tuesday.

“When a woman gets pregnant, that is not a human being inside of her,” Quinn said.

Both CNN anchor Chris Cuomo and former Sen. Rick Santorum were left visibly stunned live on the air.

Watch the shocking moment below:

Quinn’s remarks came during a discussion about Georgia’s “Heartbeat Bill” that protects unborn children from being killed.

Santorum pushed back forcefully against Quinn’s shocking and scientifically inaccurate claim.

"It's in every biology textbook in the world. At conception that is a human life,” Santorum responded. “You ignore that reality. You guys talk about being the party of science… This is just not reality.”

Watch the contentious exchange below:

Santorum was forced to take on both the show’s anchor and Quinn at one point as he took a stand for unborn children.

"You just said this is ALL about choice. ALL about a woman's right. No! It's all about the life a little baby,” Santorum added. “To millions of Americans that does matter. We think a good society protects those children.”

“If you really care about the health of human beings, you would never take an issue like this away from a woman and her doctor,” Quinn claimed.

There's more:

Democrats are no longer arguing for "rare" and "safe" abortions. They have made it clear that they do not even consider unborn children to be "human beings." Pray for America.

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