Eric Trump Says Democrats Will ‘Weaponize The Legal System’ If House Flips In November

October 18, 2018Oct 18, 2018

Eric Trump said Thursday morning on “Fox and Friends” that if Republicans lose control of the House in November, the Democrats will “weaponize the legal system” and investigate everyone in the public eye, not just the Trump Organization and its circle.

“You watch the level of harassment,” Trump said of the left’s behavior. “If the House flips, they’ll be investigating you, they’ll investigate everybody. That’s what these people [Democrats] do. They weaponize the legal system.”

Trump appeared to allude to the multiple investigations into his father’s campaign and Russian collusion, The New York Times investigation into his family’s finances, and the additional FBI investigation into the president’s Supreme Court Justice nominee Brett Kavanaugh, among other examples.

“They [Democrats] will come after everybody relentlessly. They’ll know that there’s nothing there, but it’s harass, it’s distract. They will plant every story.”


Trump also expressed his surprise at the culture in Washington, comparing it to his home in New York.

“Coming from New York, being a total civilian in this process, I’ve never seen nastiness like we have seen from these people [politicians],” Trump tsaid. “It’s cruel and nasty.”

‘That’s why my father went to Washington. And the swamp is deep, guys. Deeper than you can ever imagine,” he warned.

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