Dems Introduce Two MAJOR Constitutional Amendments on First Day of New Congress

January 04, 2019Jan 04, 2019

Democrats wasted no time in pursuing their far-left agenda during their first day in control of the U.S. House of Representatives, introducing a constitutional amendment to eliminate the Electoral College.

The stunning legislation was introduced by Rep. Steve Cohen (D-Tenn.) on the opening day of the new Congress on Thursday.

“In two presidential elections since 2000, including the most recent one in which Hillary Clinton won 2.8 million more votes than her opponent, the winner of the popular vote did not win the election because of the distorting effect of the outdated Electoral College,” Cohen said in a statement.

The Democrat continued: “Americans expect and deserve the winner of the popular vote to win office. More than a century ago, we amended our Constitution to provide for the direct election of U.S. Senators. It is past time to directly elect our President and Vice President.”

But that’s not all Democrats did on Thursday.

Democrats also introduced an amendment to limit presidential pardon power and vowed to impeach President Donald Trump.

“Presidents should not pardon themselves, their families, their administration or campaign staff,” Cohen said. “This constitutional amendment would expressly prohibit this and any future president, from abusing the pardon power.”

During a MoveOn event, new Congresswoman Rashida Tlaib (D-Mich.) got vulgar when outlining her intentions.

"We're gonna impeach the motherf***er!”

Watch the video below (Warning: strong language):

Additionally, Rep. Brad Sherman (D-Calif.) announced plans to reintroduce articles of impeachment against President Trump.

“He will be introducing the same articles he introduced last year once the House is in session this afternoon,” a Sherman spokesman confirmed to Fox News.
2019 is going to get interesting.

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