DHS Chief Reveals ‘Well-Coached’ Illegal Immigrants Using Kids to Pose as Families

June 18, 2018Jun 18, 2018

As the mainstream media tries to blame President Trump for children being separated from their parents at the border, new details are emerging that are poking holes in their anti-Trump narrative.

When parents are caught crossing into the U.S. illegally, they are taken into custody and charged for entering the country without permission. Their children are not charged and are instead cared for by the Department of Health and Human Services, which sends them to U.S. relatives or private shelters, according to NBC News.

The Trump administration has been enforcing laws they say previous administrations put in place. White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders scolded Democrats on Thursday for blocking attempts to change that law. Trump also recently spoke with reporters on how Democrats need to join with Republicans in changing the law with some new proposals.


Then on Monday, Homeland Security Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen revealed that some of the illegally crossing “parents” are not even related to the children they claim as their own. She emphasized that they’re are “well-coached.”

“From October 2017 to this February, we have seen a staggering 315 percent increase in illegal aliens fraudulently using children to pose as family units to gain entry into the country,” she said, according to the UK’s Daily Mail.

“We do not have the luxury of pretending that all individuals coming to this country as a family unit are in fact a family. We have to do our job. We will not apologize for doing our job,” she continued.

White House spokeswoman Mercedes Schlapp gave an example of a dangerous MS-13 gang member posing with a child that was not their own while breaking into the U.S.

But there’s another horrifying string of abuses going on amidst the flood of illegal border crossings. The insufficiently controlled border is allowing human traffickers to smuggle in an estimated 22,000 or more women and young children, according to The Guardian in 2010.

The abuse these victims endure is absolutely sickening. From beatings to numerous rapes a day to psychological abuse and long-term separation from friends and family, their lives are far more horrifying than most people’s worst nightmares.

According to CNN story from 2010, one young woman identified simply as Maria says she saw one girl set on fire and beaten while dying by laughing men as an example to the rest of the girls to do what they were told. Another victim of the sex trade in Mexico, Karla Jacinto, revealed that she was raped tens of thousands of times over the course of four years, all before she was even an adult, CNN reported.

Schlapp wants human traffickers and their victims, under the guise of asylum-seeking families, to be found out at the border and stopped. She suggested that the U.S. has been far too naive in believing — without verification — the claims of people seeking asylum.

Nielsen understands why people would want to legitimately seek asylum in the U.S., but warned them, “You do not need to break the law of this country by entering illegally to claim asylum. If you are seeking asylum, go to a port of entry.”

And 'we've asked Congress to adjust the standard of proof to prevent well-coached applicants from uttering the magic words indicating a fear of returning home.'

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