Dilbert Creator Defends Trump Against Accusation He Only Freed Alice to get Black Votes

June 07, 2018Jun 07, 2018

It was a deeply emotional moment for great-grandmother Alice Johnson when she walked out of jail a free woman after President Trump commuted her life sentence for a non-violent drug offense.


Johnson, who was freed after pop icon Kim Kardashian pleaded on her behalf during a meeting with Trump, tearfully told reporters, “I want to first of all thank my Lord and Savior, thank Jesus Christ. Without Him, I can do nothing, but with Him, I can do everything.”

“I want to thank President Donald John Trump,” she continued, pausing a moment before screaming, “Hallelujah!”

“Thank you for giving me another chance at life and restoring me to my family,” Johnson said, later adding, “I feel like my life is starting over again. This is a miracle day.”


But some Trump critics tried to still find a way to denounce the president even though they liked what he did. Twitter user @deray claimed that Trump said he was freeing Johnson in order to gain the votes of her community.

“Remember, Trump has been transparent about using Kim Kardashian’s recent plea re: #AliceMarieJohnson to curry favor with black voters. Trump *does not* care about criminal justice reform or black people, for that matter. Let’s not confuse the right action for a good person,” Deray wrote.


Dilbert creator Scott Adams, a Trump supporter and vocal Twitter user, replied, “Should we judge people on the good things they do or on the bad thoughts we believe they have? If Dems have prison reform ideas, I will help you promote them. WH already working hard on that. #PrisonReform.”


Adams highlighted an ongoing phenomenon where all the worst things are assumed about Trump regardless of what he actually does.


For someone who allegedly does not care about black people, Trump’s economy has done wonders for the black unemployment rate, dropping it to a level not seen in 18 years. The president also has gotten behind a bill aimed at improving prison conditions as well as programs that help people stay out of prison after they’re released, The Guardian reported.

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