Disgusting Videos: Lawmaker Verbally Harasses Elderly Pro-Life Woman, Teen Girls

May 07, 2019May 07, 2019

Openly gay Democratic state representative Brian Sims of Pennsylvania recorded himself on camera harassing a woman for eight minutes for praying in front of a Planned Parenthood abortion clinic. And then he went after three teenage girls, trying to get their home addresses to help organize a public protest against them.

Absolutely despicable.

On top of all that, he threw a fit when people stood up to him and called out his disgusting behavior.

Identifying himself for the camera, Sims stood outside Planned Parenthood of Southeastern Pennsylvania in his district and started harassing an elderly woman who was praying for those going into the clinic.

Chasing the woman up and down the sidewalk with his camera, he repeatedly shouted “Shame on you!” and accused her of being a racist because she was white and pro-life.

“Who would have thought that an old white lady would be outside Planned Parenthood telling people what is right for their bodies?” he asked his viewing audience while shaming her for doing what she felt was right to do with her own body.

For over 8 minutes, he yelled at her, saying what she was doing was “extremely racist,” calling her a fake Christian, and claiming she was violating people’s constitutional right to an abortion.

“How dare you? This is grotesque!” he bellowed.

“There is nothing Christian about what you’re doing. There is nothing loving or kind,” he also said. “This is a racist act of judgment, and you have no business being out here shaming people for doing something they have a right to do.”

But that wasn’t the first time he did something like this. Several weeks ago, he also harassed three teenage girls for praying for the unborn, calling them “a bunch of white people,” even though one of the girls was not white.

He then offered “$100 to anyone who will identify any of these three” minors so they could potentially be harassed by his social media followers.

When national pro-life organization Live Action called his actions harassment, Sims blew up, writing on Twitter, “Bring it, Bible Bullies! You are bigots, sexists, and misogynists and I see right through your fake morals and your broken values.”

Many others online condemned his behavior.

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