Don Lemon Caught on Hot Mic Sneaking Message to 2020 Dem Candidate at Town Hall

March 28, 2019Mar 28, 2019

When a news network holds a town hall event for a presidential candidate, it is assumed that the moderator of the event will be objective and not show candidates any favoritism.

That’s not exactly what happens when the news network hosting the town hall is CNN.

CNN’s Don Lemon was caught on hot mic praising Democratic presidential candidate Cory Booker’s answers after he thought his mic was off for the commercial break.

“Nice job,” Lemon said to Booker emphatically. “Nice job.”

He event repeated it for good measure.

Watch the moment below:

That wasn’t Lemon’s only low moment. His very first question for Booker was embarrassing.

"You're a vegan. What's that like?” Lemon asked after giving Booker a hug and calling him “brother.”

At one point during the town hall, Booker told a string of egregious falsehoods about guns and Lemon failed to fact-check the candidate at all.

This is CNN?

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