Dr. Dobson Tells Christians Who Don't Vote: 'Shame on Them All!'

August 10, 2018Aug 10, 2018

Dr. James Dobson, the famed founder of Focus on the Family and current president of the newly established James Dobson Family Institute, has a strong message for Christians who don’t exercise their right to vote:

Shame on you!

Dobson, who also created the Family Research Council and Family Talk, felt particularly passionate about the need to vote after first visiting Germany 20 years ago, where he learned a lot about the horrors of Nazism, and realizing today that their style of tactics is slowly creeping into America.

In his August newsletter, Dobson talked about how the Nazis gained control over the “highly educated and intelligent” Germans through spreading “fake news” via their complete control of the means of communication in the country. Nazis used radio programs as well as “newspapers, films, speeches, books and magazines, posters, rallies, and yes, public schools and universities” to spread their lies.

People were encouraged to report their neighbors if someone said the wrong thing or used the wrong words, and the indoctrination of children through the public school system was considered one of Adolf Hitler’s greatest propaganda tools.

“This historical account is relevant today because America and other Western nations have for decades been losing their God-given rights that define us as a free people,” Dobson warned.

“We are not experiencing Nazi-like tyranny yet, but we are steadily being expected to think, speak, write, and act in a prescribed manner in conformity with what is now called ‘political correctness.’”

Proclaiming that we are “less free now than we were five years ago,” he pointed to the vast power of the mainstream media in influencing elections and spreading belief systems as well as the ability of courts to override our Constitution.

He warned that the freedoms of religion and speech are under attack. But what can be done to stop this ever-quickening slide away from the core values of our founding?

Unfortunately, more than half of Americans, including the majority of Christians, don't even bother to vote,” Dobson lamented.

“Shame on them all! Don't they know that tyranny for us and our children is only one generation, or even one election, away?”

“We must vote, vote, vote to elect leaders who will defend what has been purchased with the blood of patriots who died to protect our liberty,” he declared. “We owe it to the memory of their sacrifice to preserve what they did for us. We must not fritter it away on our watch!”

Dobson advised, “If any politician tells you he will ‘fundamentally change’ this nation, what he means is that he plans to undermine our Constitution and take away our heritage of freedom. Run from him or her!”

Read his entire newsletter here.

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