Dr. Dobson Visits Border Facility, Describes Heartbreaking Conditions

June 28, 2019Jun 28, 2019

At first Democrats and the mainstream media claimed that there was no crisis at the border. And then, when a heartbreaking photo of a dead migrant and his child emerged, they declared what’s going on at the border a massive crisis — and all President Trump’s fault.

There’s a whole lot of political opportunism and misinformation going on regarding the border situation. That’s why Christian family advocate Dr. James Dobson — founder and former president of Focus on the Family — decided to visit the border himself in McAllen, Texas.

On his Family Talk website, he outlined the problems at the border, described the heart-wrenching conditions he saw there, and blamed Democrats for blocking money from going toward the border to help relieve the overrun facilities and overworked staff as a huge number of asylum seekers show up each day.

He described seeing immigrants suffering from diseases they picked up on their travels, overwhelmed medical staff, and crowded conditions.

“The children looked traumatized and frightened,” Dobson wrote. “Tears flooded my eyes as I stood before them.”

“There are few provisions made to accommodate the children,” he continued. “The week before we were there, a delegation of agents went to meet with members of Congress, and begged them for additional money to buy Pampers, toothbrushes, and other necessities. They were turned down flat. These meager supplies have to be purchased with the border patrol budget, which is stretched to the limit.”

“My heart aches for these poor people.” 

“Lest I be misunderstood, let me make clear that I am among the majority of Americans who want the border to be closed to those who attempt to enter illegally,” Dobson said. “There has to be a better solution than this.”

He wrote about the immigration loophole that allows so many asylum seekers — whether legitimate or not — to disappear into our country and encourages so many to make the dangerous journey to our southern border.

“It is a well-known fact that President Obama's administration established many of these unworkable policies, and Congress is steadfastly unwilling to change them,” he pointed out.

“Every effort at reform has been overridden or ignored.”

Meanwhile, Border Control is running out of places to house migrants and have to keep them in fenced-in areas that don’t seem very humane as they’re held for processing in an overloaded system, Dobson said.

He called Border Patrol agents “compassionate men and women, sworn to uphold federal law and protect our borders,” even though liberals try to demonize them.

“Please understand this: the border patrol agents are so busy caring for refugees seeking entry to the United States that they have very little time to police the borders,” he wrote.

“America has been a wonderfully generous and caring country since its founding. That is our Christian nature,” he concluded. “But in this instance, we have met a worldwide wave of poverty that will take us down if we don't deal with it. And it won't take long for the inevitable consequences to happen.”

Read Dobson’s full letter here.

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