Eatery Gets AMAZING Response After Refusing to Take Down Pro-US Marine Sticker

April 30, 2019Apr 30, 2019

A restaurant owner who has had a pro-United States Marine Corps sticker on display in his restaurant for a decade has suddenly found it to be a flashpoint for those placing political correctness above the sacrifices men and women in our armed forces have made to protect our freedoms in America.

According to Yahoo! News, Brad Gross of Gross’ Burgers in Danville, Illinois had a Marine who served in Iraq approach him 10 years ago asking if he could display the sticker. Gross, a Marine himself, agreed, Fox News reported.

The sticker says: “If you can’t read this [Arabic phrase], thank a Marine.”

Then just the other day, local customer Sam Schnelle posted a photo of the sticker on Facebook, throwing an F-bomb at Gross’ Burgers and calling the message “absolutely disgusting.” She was supported by numerous other commenters who blasted the sticker as “racist” and “xenophobic.”

Schnelle then tried to shame Gross into removing it.

“Just called Grossburgers,” she wrote on Facebook. “I asked them to take the sign down and asked to speak to the owner. They then handed the phone to the manager who said ‘We are most certainly not taking it down. YOU PEOPLE are too sensitive now a days.’ And then proceeded to argue with whatever recommendations/points I made and then hung up on me. Nice.”

Gross, who helps a number of Marines make a living by employing them, told Fox News he has no intention of taking the sticker down.

Other people came to Gross’ defense, with one of them explaining, “It's not about speaking another language. Be fluent in as many [ways] as you want. That's great. But the sign is about being under a Muslim law or Sharia law & government that would make us write Arabic and abide by their laws.”

“We need to thank our military we are not forced to be under that type of law.”

The response the restaurant got next was incredible. Veterans and their supporters rallied to bring the eatery extra business and publicly display their agreement with its pro-Marine message.

“The amount of ppl at gross burgers today waving American flags dressed in military shirts and patriotic attire to support a good business owned [by] an amazing man and veteran really warmed my heart and reminded me why I love America and the patriots that live here,” wrote Zach Haze on Facebook last Sunday.

Pam Carrell Nichols also commented on Sunday, writing, “American Legion Riders from Danville Post 210 showed up at Gross’ Burgers this afternoon to show support for Marine Brad Gross' business when a lone protester held a sign written in Arabic against Gross’ right to freedom and opinions.”

She added, “Unfortunately, or fortunately, Gross‘ Burgers’ business has increased so much with the free publicity that Brad had to close for the day when he ran out of hamburger.”

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