Explosive Anthony Bourdain Interview About Clintons Released After His Death

July 16, 2018Jul 16, 2018

In an interview conducted months before his death, celebrity chef Anthony Bourdain spoke candidly about former President Bill Clinton and Hillary Clinton in the context of the ongoing #MeToo movement.

Bourdain’s girlfriend at the time of his death, Asia Argento, has accused Harvey Weinstein of sexually assaulting her. He told Popula magazine in February that he was highly disappointed with the Clintons’ reaction to Weinstein being exposed by multiple victims.

“[W]atching the Clinton apology on Weinstein, and [Asia’s] watching this statement, there was a lot of anticipation. People were really hoping she’d come out with a… I don’t know. Let’s just say with something different,” Bourdain said. "I immediately tweeted my disappointment, very much shaped by what I saw around me. And I will tell you, that was really f***ing frightening, the reaction to that. You know, I voted for her.”

Bourdain later excoriated Bill Clinton for his past treatment of women, calling him a “piece of s**t.” He also alleged Hillary played a role in destroying his accusers.

“Bill Clinton, look, the bimbo eruptions—it was f***ing monstrous. That would not have flown today. A piece of sh*t. Entitled, rapey, gropey, grabby, disgusting, and the way that he—and she—destroyed these women and the way that everyone went along, and, and are blind to this! Screamingly apparent hypocrisy and venality,” he said. "How you can on the one hand howl at the moon about all these other predators. And not at least look back.”

He continued, “OK, let’s say, well, it was all consensual: powerful men, starstruck women, okay fine, let’s accept it at its most charitable interpretation. Fine. He is a very charming man, I met him, he’s f***ing magnetic. As is she. When you’re in the room, you think wow, she’s really warm and nice and funny. But the way they efficiently dismantled, destroyed, and shamelessly discredited these women for speaking their truth is unforgivable. Unforgivable. Why didn’t we get rid of them? We should’ve gotten rid of them back then.”

He wasn’t shy about criticizing former President Barack Obama either, though his opinions weren’t nearly as strong as they were toward the Clintons.

The chef said he found Obama to be “very unconvincing in public, much of the time,” but "gracious, graceful, real, funny" when he met him in person.

However, he had some qualms about Obama’s broken campaign promises to bring more transparency to the White House.

“He promised transparency, he like—more whistleblowers were prosecuted than at any time. There’s not one f***king banker in jail. Not one! Jail me one f***in’ banker,” he added. “These people stole nine million houses!"

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