Cruz DESTROYS Booker After His Embarrassing Questioning of Trump’s Judicial Nominee’s Faith

February 06, 2019Feb 06, 2019

When Justice Brett Kavanaugh was finally confirmed to the U.S. Supreme Court, President Trump nominated attorney and Officer of Information and Regulatory Affairs administrator Neomi Rao...

Paula White: Democrats Openly Support Infanticide and the Media Pretend Conservatives are the Problem

February 05, 2019Feb 05, 2019

Democrats just openly admitted that they support “aborting” children who are literally in the process of being born — or even after they are born —...

Pastor Jeffress Fires Back After Being Vilified for Saying that Everyone Needs Christ

Weekly Featured Story
May 15, 2018

Monday was a big day for President Trump and the State of Israel as the U.S. opened its embassy for the first time in Jerusalem, officially acknowledging the Holy City as Israel’s capital. But many of Trump’s critics took issue with his choice of pastor to give the opening prayer for the grand opening. According to Fox News Insider, First Baptist Church of Dallas Pastor Robert Jeffress, who was a very vocal supporter of Trump during the presidential campaign, spoke...