Famous Hollywood Actor Leaps Into Action After Vet Tweets About Killing Himself

November 20, 2018Nov 20, 2018

On Monday night, actor James Woods came across a veteran contemplating suicide in a post on Twitter.

The veteran’s post, which has since been deleted, read “I’m on Twitter every day, I retweet all the time but this is the first tweet I’ve ever written. I’m good guy, I’m a veteran, I love America. I’m gonna kill my self tonight. I’ve lost everything I have nobody, nobody cares. I’m in a parking lot with my dog and everything I own. Bye.”

Woods immediately jumped into action and attempted to contact the vet.


He then worked on talking the vet off the ledge and attempting to convince him to keep on living. Here’s how it all unfolded:














Then, finally, some good news from USA Today:

“Maitland Police Public Information Officer Lt. Louis Y. Grindle informed USA TODAY Tuesday morning that authorities were able to reach MacMasters, though his whereabouts are unknown."

“‘Our agency was able to make contact with him by phone earlier this morning, where he advised he was OK but did not wish to have contact with law enforcement,’ the emailed statement read. ‘Our officers are still working to try and physically locate him to determine his well-being.’”

Another vet tweeted out his support for Woods’ persistence in contacting the suicidal vet.


"Suicide remains a top clinical priority. One life lost to suicide is one too many,” said acting VA Secretary Peter O’Rourke. “Suicide is a serious public health concern in the Veteran population and across all communities nationwide. These data offer important insights to help VA to build effective networks of support, communication and care that reach veterans where they live and thrive.”

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