FBI, IRS Raid Home of Liberal Baltimore Mayor Catherine Pugh

April 25, 2019Apr 25, 2019

Another liberal Democrat is in serious legal trouble.

The FBI and IRS reportedly raided the home of liberal Baltimore Mayor Catherine Pugh on Thursday as the scandal surrounding her lucrative book deals secured while in office grows.

“The FBI Baltimore office and IRS Criminal Division out of Washington are executing search warrants at Baltimore Mayor Catherine Pugh's home, a business address, an aide's home and Baltimore City Hall, an FBI spokesman said,” WBAL-TV reported.

The report added: “About three FBI agents are at Pugh's home on Ellamont Road in northwest Baltimore, which she purchased in December 2016. The agents have been seen entering and exiting the home, as well as garages, which may belong to the home or a neighboring home. Agents retrieved a couple of large boxes from the garages.”

The scandal began after it was discovered that Pugh bought a home during the same time period that the University of Maryland Medical System paid her for "tens of thousands" of children's books through her Healthy Holly LLC.

There was very little "public accounting" in the deal, WBAL reported. Who knows where the investigation will lead.

Videos posted on Twitter show FBI and IRS agents carrying evidence out of the mayor’s home. She is in serious trouble.

“Agents take a large storage box into @MayorPugh50 home on Dennlyn Rd. Meanwhile agents from both the FBI and the IRS continue to walk back-and-forth between this home and the mayor’s home on Ellamont Ave,” WBAL reporter Jennifer Franciotti reported.

She added: “FBI and IRS agents come out @MayorPugh50 house on Ellamont RD. carrying arm loads of boxes. Several agents leave the scene after packing the vehicles with potential evidence.”

What is it about powerful Democrats and breaking the law?

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