Federal Court Sides With God; Tells Satanist He Has No Case

June 04, 2018Jun 04, 2018

A federal court ruled that the printing of  “In God We Trust” on US currency is not a religious endorsement and does not violate the Constitution.

The 7th US Circuit Court of Appeals in Chicago made the ruling on Thursday.

The case was brought to the court by a self-described Satanist, Kenneth Mayle, who filed his lawsuit against the federal government under the US Constitution and the Religious Freedom Restoration Act of 1993.


Prior to the case reaching the court in Chicago, a lower court dismissed Mayle’s suit, saying that a motto on currency is not something that US citizens are forced to display, and as a result are not forced to display views that oppose their own opinions.

Mayle appealed the court’s ruling, only for the 7th Circuit to again rule against his lawsuit. According to the court, the motto is a “historical reminder” of the country’s heritage.

“In God We Trust” was first placed on US currency during the Civil War on a two-cent coin. Starting in 1938, the motto was stamped on all coins and all bills in 1956.


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