WATCH: Female Student Breaks Silence After Losing Championship to Transgender Runners

February 28, 2019Feb 28, 2019

Connecticut high schooler Selina Soule is speaking out about the fairness of allowing biological males to compete with biological women in sports after she lost out to two transgender sprinters, who of course took first and second place by significant margins.

Soule came in 8th place, two places behind where she needed to be to compete in front of college coaches.

Appearing on Fox News, Soule told host Laura Ingraham she is happy for the transgender athletes, but argued there is a bigger issue at play.

"I am very happy for these athletes and I fully support them for being true to themselves and having the courage to do what they believe in. But, in athletics, it's an entirely different situation,” Soule said.

She continued: “It’s scientifically proven that males are built to be physically stronger than females. It's unfair to put someone who is biologically a male, who has not undergone anything in terms of hormone therapy, against cis-gender girls.”

Ingraham applauded the student’s politeness, but suggested she was maybe being a little too politically incorrect. The host went on to note the indisputable differences between the male and female anatomy.

"My teammates and my fellow competitors — we are happy for these athletes, of course — but we do think it’s unfair, and for us it is upsetting when we work hard all season and put in a lot of effort, only to turn up at the state meets and get beat by someone who is biologically a male and lose state championships over this," Soule responded.

Watch the video below:

Beyond the obvious unfairness, the high schooler also explained that student-athletes who apply for colleges are finding out that college coaches are finding major discrepancies in times without any explanation when they review their stats. This again puts biologically female athletes at a disadvantage.

Soule recently made headlines when she said, "We all know the outcome of the race before it even starts; it's demoralizing.”

What do you think about transgender students competing with girls?

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