WATCH: Feminist Steals Crosses From Pro-Life Display — Instant Karma

March 20, 2019Mar 20, 2019

A feminist was caught on video stealing crosses from a pro-life display organized by Students for Life at the University of Michigan — but she did not get away with the crime.

The unidentified pink-haired pro-abortion activist is seen snatching the pink crosses that are meant to symbolize the lives of the unborn children killed during abortions. The display has been become known as the “Cemetery of the Innocents.”

"The pink crosses are part of the spring #PlannedParenthoodTruth Tour on campus, where Students for Life groups are exposing the truth about Planned Parenthood’s poor track record on helping women,” Students for Life writes on its website.

The pro-life group reported the vandalism occurred on Wednesday.

"Students for Life set up the 1,000 crosses around 9 AM, with permission from the school, on the Diag on campus and throughout the day pro-abortion activists, presumably students although that is unclear, kept pulling crosses out of the ground, placing them in trash bags, or putting them on top of trash cans," the group said in a statement.

In a video posted on YouTube, Students for Life’s Michigan regional coordinator Kaylena Wiederhold is seen confronting the pink-haired activist.

"Is there a reason why you're doing this?" she asks.

"We disagree with it," the abortion activist responds.

"Okay, but this isn’t your property," Wiederhold shot back.

"We know that having a conversation isn’t going to work," the women shot back.

Moments later, police respond to the scene with a big serving of justice for the pro-abortion activist. She didn't even put up a fight as she clearly understood she was in the wrong.

Watch the video below:

This is what pro-life activists across the country have to deal with.

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