Flooding Reaches Historic Levels, 200 Miles of Levees Breached, Death Toll Rises

March 18, 2019Mar 18, 2019

Eight U.S. states could use your prayers today as flooding surpasses historic levels.

According to the Weather Channel, at least 200 miles of levees have been breached or topped in Iowa, Illinois, Kansas, Minnesota, Missouri, Nebraska, South Dakota, and Wisconsin, leaving hundreds of homes flooded. In Sarpy County, Nebraska — south of Omaha — at least 500 homes are considered a loss.

Massive rainfall from the so-called “bomb cyclone” last week led to the rising levels of the Missouri and Platte Rivers, NPR reported. The flooding hadn’t ceased by Monday.

At least three people have died and two were missing as of 4:50 p.m. Eastern on Monday.

The Nebraska military bases of Offutt Air Force Base and the Nebraska National Guard's Camp Ashland sustained flooding damage with water levels of at least five feet high inside one building.

“The next four to five days are going to be pretty rough,” said Rhonda Wiley of Atchison County, Missouri, about halfway between Omaha and Kansas City, according to NBC News.

More flooding is expected in the days ahead, ABC 7 Denver reported. Hundreds of people have already had to be rescued. Melting snow and ice jams have also contributed to the flooding as the change of seasons rapidly approaches.

“It’s not looking good at all,” said Sara Tull of Atchison, Kansas, according to KCTV. “I think it’s [going to] get us this time and I hate to say that.”

In the town of Hamburg, Iowa, which fought against the floodwaters before being evacuated, resident Taylor Parton remarked, “We all take care of each other. We were all rubbing elbows, bagging sand together, helping each other out.”

Please pray for the safety of flood victims and rescuers!

In other tragic news, a cyclone in Mozambique has killed over 1,000 people after massive flooding.

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