Florida Man Says He Was Attacked, Dragged by Car on July 4th for Flying MAGA Flag

July 06, 2018Jul 06, 2018

Despite Rep. Maxine Waters (D-Calif.) — sort of — walking back her calls for liberals to harass members of President Trump’s administration, the message still got out, and it appears that some thugs are applying it to any Trump supporter who dares to display the slogan, “Make America Great Again.”

A teen got attacked in Texas after a 30-year-old man blew up at him for wearing a red MAGA hat. Police arrested the man on Thursday.

Now police in Florida are looking into a report of a man who was punched and dragged by a car after a thug confronted him over the large “Trump: Make America Great Again” flag flying in his front yard.

According to NBC Miami, Jeff Good says the attack took place on Independence Day at his home in Boynton Beach, about halfway in between West Palm Beach and Boca Raton. He was watching fireworks from his driveway when a car pulled up and the driver started yelling at him, WPTV reported.

“He was saying vile things about our president,” Good said, and then demanded he remove the flag and denounce Trump.

Good said he refused and got punched in the face by the driver as a result. When Boynton Beach man reflexively swung back, his armed got caught on the car door as the vehicle sped off.

Good says he got dragged about 30 feet down the roadway, sustaining numerous bruises and scrapes before he got his arm free. The suspects, a gray-haired man and a woman in a two-door silver car, drove away.

Police are looking for the suspects and are asking the public for any information about their possible whereabouts. Good’s neighbor, Donald Tarca Jr., described the scene on Facebook.

Good says the MAGA flag in his yard will stay, explaining, “My political goal here is just to express my love for this president, and for somebody to punch you in the face for just presenting the flag to the public, that is enough said right there. He still will be the president tomorrow and the day after, so might as well keep the flag there today tomorrow and the day after.”

He said the incident ruined his holiday. But he did draw support on Facebook from people commenting on his neighbor’s post.

“This man that assaulted Jeff will brag about what he did and if we all share this on Facebook hopefully he will get caught,” wrote Facebook user Jerry Jayne Smithers. “This cowardly man needs to get arrested. We are in a civil war. Maxine Waters has encouraged this ill behavior.”

“This is disgusting!” added Annette Decker Atha, “You should be able to put anything in your own yard, on your own property, without the threat of violence! I hope they find this person!”

“I'm sorry to hear this Donald. Suggest surveillance cameras, guns, know your local policemen. These people are criminals,” said Daniel Ruiz.

Watch the news report of the incident below:

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