Fox Host Delivers BRUTAL Slam of Ocasio-Cortez and Her Socialism; Too Far?

December 10, 2018Dec 10, 2018

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez gets a lot of flak from her critics considering she’s not even officially in Congress yet. But she also has eschewed the traditional, observational role of an incoming freshman and has repeatedly insisted on massive, foundational changes to America.

Fox Business host Lisa Kennedy really lit into the 29-year-old and her socialist dreams on Monday in a manner so brutal it’s stirred a debate over whether she went too far.

During a televised discussion panel, Kennedy addressed Ocasio-Cortez’ tendency to talk to her fans through live-streamed videos on social media, saying, “I like the videos because she shows how empty-headed she really is.”

“And her brain is as empty as socialism itself and the ideas that she pushes.”


Ocasio-Cortez has pushed strongly for universal health care, tuition-free colleges, federal housing and job guarantees, and complete U.S. dependence on renewable sources of energy in the very new future — all programs that she hasn’t been able to explain the funding for, like in this CNN interview and this Univision interview.

“I don’t have a problem with trolling and counter-trolling, and I don’t have a lot of patience for people who get so outraged because Don Jr. says one thing and she responds,” Kennedy continued.

She was referring to a meme Donald Trump Jr. shared with a caption reading “Why are you so afraid of a socialist economy” under Ocasio-Cortez’ picture and another caption reading, “Because Americans want to walk their dogs, not eat them” under President Trump’s photo in response.

Ocasio-Cortez responded by threatening to subpoena Don Jr. in the near future.

“I do agree with you that people who think they’re going to punch the president in the same manner, as hard as he does, I think they create problems for themselves,” Kennedy continued. “It’s very inauthentic. Trying to fight the president or members of his family the way he does, it doesn’t make a lot of sense.”

Then she had some advice for Ocasio-Cortez: “She needs to revert to what it was about her that resonated with voters, that allowed her to unseat a popular, long-term incumbent in a primary. And I think she’s gotten away from that, and she’s bought into her own mystique, which is certainly tarnished a bit in the last few interviews.”

Watch that part of the panel discussion below:

Many commenters on Twitter shared their thoughts on Kennedy’s assessment of Ocasio-Cortez’ knowledge:

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