Franklin Graham Has Perfect Response to Walmart’s ‘Impeach 45’ Shirt

July 06, 2018Jul 06, 2018

Franklin Graham is lighting up the internet with his response to Walmart’s controversial anti-Trump "Impeach 45" shirts.

The famous evangelical leader is selling his own shirt, asking Americans to do something positive and "pray" for President Donald Trump instead.

"There's a way every one of us can make a difference for our nation—we can pray for our president and our leaders, as God's Word instructs us," Graham wrote. "In contrast to the ‘IMPEACH 45’ T-shirt some were selling, we have a ‘PRAY for 45’ T-shirt you can wear to encourage others to do something constructive—PRAY!"

He added, "God is the hope for our country, and our leaders, including President Donald J. Trump, need our prayers. The bottom line? Prayer can make America great!"

In response to the public uproar and a growing boycott, Walmart apologized for the shirts and scrubbed them from the company’s website.

A Walmart spokesperson told Fox News that the shirts were “not offered directly from Walmart” and confirmed the merchandise will be discontinued.

Brad Parscale, Trump’s re-election campaign manager, gave Walmart the benefit of the doubt and called on supporters to end the boycott.

“No need to boycott. @Walmart has assured me that the merchandise will be down as soon as possible. It was not deliberate,” Parscale tweeted. “Thank you @Walmart for doing the right thing!”

Are you going to buy one of Franklin Graham's "Pray for 45" shirts?

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