Gay Woman Writes Scathing Article in Support of Christian Baker's Rights to Follow His Religious Beliefs

August 17, 2018Aug 17, 2018

Christian baker Jack Phillips is in trouble again for not making a custom cake that would celebrate an event that goes against his religious beliefs, but this time a prominent gay woman is standing up in his defense.

Six years ago, Phillips refused to create a cake for a gay couple’s wedding. He offered them a pre-made cake but told them it’d be against his Christian beliefs to create something new celebrating their homosexual marriage.

That led to a complaint to the Colorado Civil Rights Commission, which led to a six-year legal battle that also put Phillips through character assassinations, threats, and boycotts from liberals. In the end, after Phillips made the argument that, as an artist, he shouldn’t be forced to create a particular artwork, the Supreme Court finally intervened and told the Commission to back off.

Apparently, they didn’t listen well and attacked Phillips again.

The Commission filed a preliminary ruling against the Masterpiece Cakeshop owner after he refused to make a custom party cake celebrating a man’s “gender transition” from male to female. That man just so happens to be an attorney, and Phillips believes he’s behind a number of other turned-down requests for Satanic, obscene, and sexually explicit cakes.

Now as Phillips, with the help of conservative Alliance Defending Freedom (ADF) lawyers, fights for his rights and his livelihood again, radio talk show host and Fox News contributor Tammy Bruce is defending him, too.

In an opinion piece written for the Washington Times, Bruce exclaimed that “As a gay woman who has been involved in efforts to ensure the equal treatment of gays and lesbians, I remain appalled at how the liberal gay activist agenda has become exactly the same thing the original gay civil rights movement fought against.”

“The gay rights movement originally was an effort for us to be left alone and to not be punished for who we are,” she continued. “We simply wanted to be able to live our lives without fear of arrest, or our businesses raided or destroyed, because of who we were.”

“Fast forward from 1969 to the 21st century,” Bruce said. “It is now gays and lesbians targeting other people for punishment and destruction, simply because of who they are.”

“For most of our history, gays worked to ‘pass’ as heterosexual so as to not be harassed, punished or fired from our jobs,” she pointed out. “Now, it’s Christians being hounded by a liberal elite in power in government and society who are demanding, ironically, that Christians should be harassed, punished, fired or lose their businesses because they’re different and don’t conform.”

“This much we know: Supporting the spark of freedom that fueled every civil rights movement requires supporting Christians who are targeted for their faith, and absolutely the ADF in their defense of Jack Phillips,” Bruce concluded.

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