Giuliani Blasts Joe Biden as 2020 Candidate: 'Moron' and 'Mentally Deficient Idiot'

June 15, 2018Jun 15, 2018

Rudy Giuliani went after potential Democrat presidential hopeful and former Vice President Joe Biden in an interview with the Huffington Post.

Guiliani was asked about Biden’s potential in the 2020 presidential election and he didn’t hold back.

“Joe Biden is a moron, I’m calling Joe Biden a mentally deficient idiot,” the current Trump attorney said. “He’s also too old. He’s four years older than Trump.”

Donald Trump is already the oldest US president in history at 72 years old. Joe Biden is 75 now and would be 78 on Inauguration day 2021.

The Democrats have frequently referred to Biden as a viable candidate in 2020 and even thought about running in 2016 but stepped away after his son died of brain cancer.

“They need someone new, who would be more threatening to us,” said Giuliani. “The unknown frightens me more than Elizabeth Warren or Biden.”

Guiliani wasn’t just calling Biden names to be mean either, he had evidence to back it up.

He brought up that Biden finished last in his law school class at Syracuse University and didn’t understand issues Giuliani attempted to discuss with him when Biden was a Delaware senator and Giuliani was a federal prosecutor.

Biden also has a disturbing and creepy habit of being very hands-on with women of all ages, from little girls to elderly women. Just watch the video below and judge for yourself.

You’re not the only one feeling very uncomfortable after seeing the evidence of his disturbing behavior.

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