WATCH: Glenn Beck Makes Return to Fox News, Admits Trump Proved Him WRONG

March 07, 2019Mar 07, 2019

Former Fox News host and media mogul Glenn Beck returned to Fox News on Thursday night, appearing on “Hannity” to talk about President Donald Trump’s presidency to date.

Beck, a former Trump critic, admitted on the air that President Trump proved him wrong on several issues — and it’s made him reconsider his position.

"I was judging Donald Trump on his record prior to being president of the United States. That's all you had to judge him on,” Beck said. "I said after the election that he is my president.”

Beck continued: ”Once he got into office, now he's the president, so now I'm not judging him on the past, I'm judging him on what he's doing, and I call balls and strikes.

And quite honestly, Sean, early on, I said, I never thought he would do that, I never thought he would do that, I never thought he would do that. By the time he got to Israel, he was proving me wrong every step of the way on his policies.”

That is quite the bold admission.

"I was happy, happy, thrilled to say he's doing the things he said he would do," Beck added.

Watch the segment below:

The conservative radio host praised Trump for his support of Israel and taking a stand against abortion. He also argued Democrats have revealed their extremism and propensity for socialism since Trump became president.

Before the segment was over, Beck joked that he wasn’t going to openly endorse Trump because that would be the “kiss of death” for his re-election campaign.

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