GQ Offers ‘Feminist Dad Checklist’ for Father’s Day; It’s Worse Than You Think

June 11, 2019Jun 11, 2019

In plenty of time for Father’s Day, GQ magazine published a “Feminist Dad Checklist’ by liberal humor writers Madeline Davies and Tara Jacoby about how to be a feminist dad.

It’s worse than you think.

The over-the-top nature of the checklist, by the authors of “The Father of All Dad Guides: From A(doring) to Z(addy),” seems too ridiculous to be serious. And while it does have an obvious tongue-in-cheek tone, the Media Research Center assures that “it is not a satire.”

“Congrats to the Feminist Dad, who embraces that women are people and deserving of respect and equality by teaching his children — regardless of their gender — that the sociopolitical struggles of women should be the sociopolitical struggles of everyone,” they wrote as an introduction, seeming to imply that non-feminist dads hate women and treat them poorly.

After calling gender a “social construct,” the checklist insists that “it’s infantilizing to call her a ‘girl,’ even if she is a literal infant. Call her ‘Womyn-to-Be.’”

“Then again,” it adds a caveat, “she might not grow up to identify as a woman, so don’t put that label on her either. Just call her by her name!” — if it’s a gender-neutral name, even better.

Better yet, the writers advise, let her call herself whatever she wants because “it’s very important to instill agency in your daughter so she’ll grow to understand the power of choice.” In other words, letting her name herself makes her more likely to not listen to anyone who discourages her from having an abortion.

“Instead of the usual bedside stories, mix things up with some light feminist theory,” the writers advise, but keep in mind that “feminism, like a lot of sociopolitical identities, is dominated by white cis voices.”

Then Davies and Jacoby added something really uplifting.

“One more small thing to keep in mind: The world is notoriously terrible to women, and no matter what you do, your daughter will come to understand this through the lack of choices, stereotyping, and representation she encounters legally, institutionally, and socially. Probably even within her own family, because none of us — not even you! — can escape the patriarchy,” they wrote, seeming to imply that being a man means living on easy street.

After that, the “Feminist Dad Checklist” writers dissolved into pure silliness and advised fathers to perform a witchcraft ceremony for their daughters.

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