Gucci Apologizes for a ‘Blackface’ Sweater That Has People Wondering What They Were Thinking

February 07, 2019Feb 07, 2019

Italian fashion brand Gucci proved Wednesday that it’s not just politicians that are getting in trouble for donning blackface. Even a sweater can be blackface, apparently.

The company released an apology after Twitter users started claiming that their black wool balaclava jumper mimicked blackface, Yahoo! Finance reported.

The sweater’s turtleneck either comes all the way up to cover the lower half of the model’s face or includes a detached baklava. It’s not entirely clear. But some people have drawn a connection between it and the historic Little Black Sambo caricature.

Gucci released an apology, assuring the public that the item has been removed from shelves and writing that “We consider diversity to be a fundamental value to be fully upheld, respected, and at the forefront of every decision we make.”

Many people blasted Gucci for what they saw as an homage to blackface, but other people criticized the sweater for being plain hideous — especially with its $890 price tag.

Another fashion brand, Prada, found itself apologizing a couple months ago for selling a monkey bag charm that some people likened to Little Black Samba, the New York Times reported.

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