Heroic Officer Puts Life on the Line to Stop Deadly Mass Shooting at High School

May 18, 2018May 18, 2018
Updated May 18 2018 3:29pm ET


Law enforcement officers from multiple agencies rushed to a Texas school to respond to reports of shots being fired. The incident took place Friday morning at Santa Fe High School, located between Houston and Galveston, Texas.

According to the Fox News, the 17-year-old gunman walked into an art class and opened fire on students with a .38-caliber revolver and what has been described as a sawed-off shotgun.

ABC 15 Arizona reported that nine students and one teacher have been murdered. The Harris County Sheriff's Office confirmed the number.

The suspect was later identified by police as Dimitrios Pagourtzis, Fox News reported. According to information obtained from his social media accounts by Heavy, Pagourtzis is a student at the school and posted a photo of a handgun and knife as well as a shirt with the words "Born to Kill." 

The 17-year-old allegedly wore a trench coat during the attack. He obtained the guns from his Greek immigrant father, NBC News reported.

"He's been picked on by coaches before, for smelling bad and stuff like that. And he doesn't really talk to very many people either. He keeps to himself," said fellow student Dustin Severin.

Ten people were injured, and one heroic officer who put his life on the line to stop the shooter was wounded.


Teachers tried to follow security procedures in telling all the students to stay put, but many ran as multiple shots rang through the school. When it became obvious that the shooter was still active, someone pulled a fire alarm, and teachers told kids to run for their lives.

Some students further away from the attack had no idea what was going on, like Dakota Shrader, who said through tears, "I was in the history hallway, and as soon as we heard the alarms, everybody just started leaving following the same procedure as ... [a] practice fire drill. And next thing you know, we just hear ... three gunshots, loud explosions, and all the teachers are telling us to run."

A bomb squad found multiple pipe bombs and pressure cookers in the school, an ABC 15 law enforcement source said.

It appears that a police officer working for the school district was on the campus when the shooting occurred. According to reports, he confronted Pagourtzis and was able to stop him but was wounded in the process. Pagourtzis was not injured. A second person has been detained as a person of interest.

"Once again we want to thank the heroes of law enforcement who stepped forward to respond to and confront the shooter," Texas Gov. Greg Abbott said at a press conference, according to Fox News.

One parent talking to Fox News spoke about the need to beef up security in the school, calling what happened “a disaster.” He also talked about the need for parents to be more involved in the lives of their kids.

“We grieve for the terrible loss and life and send out support to everyone affected by this absolutely horrific attack, We are with you in this tragic hour, and we will be with you forever,” President Trump said in a brief statement, adding that his administration would do everything they could to protect students and keep guns out of the hands of bad people.




The horrific number of people killed in the shooting is raising questions again about the effectiveness of classroom security policies — like stacking chairs in front of doors — and the speed in which a deadly attack can take place before police have time to arrive. It appears that only one school resource officer was on campus.

Only 42 percent of schools in the nation even have a school resource officer, and ten percent of those are not armed, according to the Washington Times. Many people have advocated for the arming of trained and willing teachers, who would be able to respond to a shooting more quickly than anyone else.

Watch live updates from the shooting below:


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