Hidden Video Reveals Trump Admin Employee Admitting He’s Trying to Ruin Things for Trump

September 18, 2018Sep 18, 2018

After exposing deep corruption in the Democratic Party, Hillary Clinton’s campaign, and the mainstream media, James O’Keefe of Project Veritas is back — and this time he’s exposing people working in President Trump’s administration who are actively and secretly working for the resistance against Trump.

O’Keefe has an especially effective way of exposing the truth: getting people to admit their wrongdoings on hidden cameras.

In the first episode of his new series, “Deep State Unmasked,” O’Keefe zeroed in on a U.S. State Department employee who, according to the video footage, openly works for the Democratic Socialists of America and uses some of his government work time to “resist everything” within the Trump administration.

“We have caught, on undercover cameras, [anti-Trump government] conspirators admitting to violating their ethics reports, illegally using government resources, and subverting government policies. What you are about to see is the hidden face of the resistance inside the executive branch of our government,” O’Keefe tells his audience in the 12-minute YouTube video before showing State Department employee Stuart Karaffa being covertly interviewed in a restaurant while drinking and talking unknowingly to a couple undercover Project Veritas operatives.

Asked if he does work promoting the Democratic Socialists of America (DSA) during his 8:30 to 5 government job, Karaffa feely admitted, “Oh, yeah. I mean, I do, and I’m careful about it. I don’t leave a paper trail.”

He then explained how he writes up press releases and other promotional material for the anti-Trump DSA during his work hours but waits until his shift is done to send them out — as if that somehow protects him legally.

When questioned, Karaffa admitted that what he’s doing is risky but said, “Maybe someday I’ll go to board of elections jail, probably not.”

O’Keefe asked attorney Steve Klein of StateCraft if what Karaffa is doing is illegal, and Klein explained that the State Department employee is violating the Hatch Act by “engaging in political activity while working for the federal government” on the taxpayer’s dime.

Karaffa further told the undercover Veritas reporters about how he plans to get away with what he’s doing if he’s caught. He talked about twisting the truth in court and laughed off the idea that he’d truly get in trouble.

“I have nothing to lose. It’s impossible to fire federal employees.”

Ask if his supervisor was OK with what he was doing, Karaffa said, “Nobody knows,” before talking about how he actually discloses his DSA activity on an annual ethics form he has to fill out for his job.

Why does he admit that he’s doing what he’s doing? He says the guy who “rubber stamps” it doesn’t pay attention to what’s on there and never questions him. This gives Karaffa the ability to show off his approved ethics form, if needed, and claim that the ethics officer “was aware of what I was doing.”

Karaffa also said he tries to “resist everything” on “every level” in the Trump administration and used expletives to make it clear that he wanted to mess things up for the president.

After seeing the video, the State Department is reviewing the matter.

O'Keefe shared a statement from the State Department to the Epoch Times, saying, “I can confirm Stuart Karaffa is a Management and Program Analyst with Bureau of Overseas Buildings Operations. We take seriously any allegation of violation of the Hatch Act and financial disclosure rules and are closely reviewing this matter"


More undercover videos like this are expected to be released by Veritas soon. Take a look at this first 12-minute installment here (PARENTAL WARNING: A few partially bleeped out expletives).

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