Is Hillary Wearing a Special Necklace? She Might Never Have to Say 'I've Fallen and Can't Get up' Now

July 24, 2018Jul 24, 2018

Failed presidential candidate Hillary Clinton has fallen ever since she lost to Barack Obama in 2008 and Donald Trump in 2016 and hasn’t been able to get up since.

In a last-gasp desperate call for help, it would appear that she hopes a Life Alert emergency button necklace will help her get to her feet again.

The Life Alert necklace is the same necklace from the famous, “Help, I’ve fallen and can’t get up!” commercials seen on TV.

Twitter user “Comfortably Smug” posted a picture of Clinton in New York City with a fan where it appears that Clinton is wearing a Life Alert necklace.

Hillary Clinton has had a history of falling down and now it apparently has become a big enough issue that she has to wear an emergency button necklace.

For those of you who might need a refresher on Hillary’s frequent clumsiness, take a look at the videos below.

Hillary falls into an airplane:

Hillary falls down the stairs:

Hillary falls into a car:

At this rate, how long until she is in a wheelchair, or worse?

Maybe the next time she falls down, she should consider staying down for her own safety. 


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