Watch Hillary Saying the Same Things as Trump on Russia in a Way that Will Haunt Her

July 19, 2018Jul 19, 2018

The mainstream media has been frothing at the mouth in accusing President Trump of being in league with Russian President Vladimir Putin. After Trump’s summit with Putin, they accused of Trump of never, ever, ever, ever criticizing the Russian leader — a surefire sign that, as GQ commentator Keith Olbermann once put it, “we have lost a war with Russia without a battle. We are no longer a sovereign nation. We are no longer a democracy. We are no longer a free people. We are the victims of a bloodless coup...engineered by Russia.”

Time magazine even created their own propaganda poster for the crazed rhetoric:

But on Thursday, Trump tweeted the following video clip of Hillary Clinton absolutely supporting his stance of not making an outright enemy of Russia:

“I mean, we want very much to have a strong Russia because a strong, competent, prosperous, stable Russia is, we think, in the interests of the world,” Hillary firmly intoned.

Now here comes the amazing part. That clip comes from a 2010 interview, according to the U.S Department of State, during her time as the secretary of state. And that’s just one juicy clip of what she said.

In some parts of the interview, she explained America’s position on Russia even better than Trump ever has, saying, “There’s a difference between being able to have an open, frank, constant communication, which we now have with Russia and other partners in the world, and agreeing on everything. We’re not going to agree on everything.”

Oh, and she said this in praise of Russia, too: “We have spoken out against some of the oppression of dissidents, because we think Russia is a great enough country that it can absorb dissident expression, that people can express their views and that it adds to the dynamism of Russia in the 21st century.”

Now here comes the true gold:

“One of the fears that I hear from Russians is that somehow the United States wants Russia to be weak. That could not be farther from the truth. Our goal is to help strengthen Russia. We see Russia with the strong culture, with the incredible intellectual capital that Russia has, as a leader in the 21st century. And we sometimes feel like we believe more in your [Russia’s] future than sometimes Russians do.”

Never has Trump even spoken that favorably of Russia, which he refers to as “a competitor” rather than a friend.

During the dumbfounding interview, where Hillary a times praised Russia in a manner that would turn Trump’s stomach — and the intestines of her own supporters, as well — she promoted the idea of more Russians coming into American and more Americans coming into they could learn from each other.

“A lot of Russians want to be able to come and have as much time as they need. That’s what I would like to work toward,” Hillary actually said just eight years ago.

She also appeared to express regret that our American media is not as controlled as the Russian media because the American media exercises “almost an excess of freedom.”

And Hillary’s favorite book, when asked? It’s Russian!

It became obvious from her interview that 2010 Hillary should have written some of 2018 Trump’s words for him during his joint press conference with Putin:

“We have to be committed to an open and honest and dialogue [with Russia]. We have to be very honest about our differences, and I think we’ve begun to establish that level of communication. And we have to find ways of working together.”

“The United States and Russia are the leaders, and therefore we are the stewards of the nuclear arsenal that exists in the world,” Hillary also said. “Mutually assured destruction or effective deterrent worked in part because we never stopped talking.”

Her words eerily mirrored those of Trump’s White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders, who said on Wednesday, “He [Trump] recognizes that fact that 90 percent of the world’s nuclear weapons are under the United States and Russia. He [Trump] wants to create a more stable world, a more peaceful world, and we can’t do that if we can’t get along with Russia in some capacity.”

Hillary, also, appeared to have no problem in 2010 with Russians gathering information in our country, explaining, “They said, ‘It’s really hard to do business in Russia. It’s hard to get through the bureaucracy. It’s hard to set up the kind of arrangements that we need.’ We want to break down barriers. We want to create more free flow of people and information.”

Is Russia a threat to the U.S.? Hillary certainly didn’t see it that way:

“When we look at the threats in the world today, as we were just discussing, we don’t see a threat from Russia, and we hope Russian doesn’t see a threat from us. Honestly, we don’t see Russia as a threat. We believe that those days are behind us.”

Let that sink in for a moment.

Trump, on the other hand, has sanctioned Russia, kicked Russians out of the U.S., condemned the Russian government, closed Russian consulates, and taken anti-Putin military action in Syria, among other things, Sanders pointed out in Wednesday’s press conference.

Words have a way of coming back to haunt you, Hillary.

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