Hollywood Celebs Viciously Mock Kimberly Guilfoyle After Posting Picture With Boyfriend Donald Trump Jr.

August 06, 2018Aug 06, 2018

Former Fox News anchor Kimberly Guilfoyle posted what was seemingly a harmless photo of her and her new boyfriend Donald Trump Jr. on Instagram with the caption “Making America Great Again!”

Apparently, this was an open invitation for celebrities to roast the couple in any way they could across all platforms of social media.

First of all, here is the photo that caused the stir.

Former supermodel Chrissy Teigen was one of the first celebs to attempt to take down the new happy couple.


"Hello we are robots beedoo boop smiling is opening your lips and exposing your teeth until you feel a light tension on the outer corners of your mouth beep blurp we are smiling boop beep," wrote Teigen.

Then came the avalanche.






Ouch! And here I thought the left was all about peace and love?

Rumors began to swirl a few months ago that Trump Jr. was dating the Fox News host and that the two were “having a great time.” Trump Jr. is still going through a divorce with his former wife Vanessa Trump.

Guilfoyle, 49, accompanied Trump Jr., 40, to Montana as he offered his support for Senate candidate Matt Rosendale. It was here that Trump Jr. made their relationship public. A fun fact that could make things interesting at Trump family reunions is that Guilfoyle is one year older than Junior’s step-mother, Melania Trump.

Guilfoyle has been married twice before, first to California Lt. Governor Gavin Newsome and later to interior design executive Eric Villency.

The pair recently attended the premiere of Dinesh D’Souza’s film “Death of a Nation.”



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