Holocaust Survivor Calls Illegal Alien Facilities 'Country Clubs,' Tells Haters 'Leave the Country'

July 02, 2018Jul 02, 2018

“I’d like to compare kidnapping children of illegal immigrants and locking them in cages while they barely eat to the holocaust,” wrote Twitter user @alexmustang1988.

“Those children are literally in concentration camps. This is genocide,” wrote Twitter user @ana_xSophie. “What if they’re going unfed? Literally another Hitler/Holocaust. Why is no one doing anything about this?”

“Children in cages, if it doesn't upset you today, pretend it's in the 1940's and in Germany, now does it upset you?,” wrote Twitter user @Trilobrite. “It's gonna be called the American Holocaust, mark my words.”

Comparing President Trump to Hitler and the detaining of illegal alien children after they cross the border to the Holocaust has spread far and wide across social media in the past couple weeks, even if the comparisons don’t match reality. And an actual Holocaust survivor who experienced the horrors of Adolf Hitler’s Nazi regime says it’s time for such ridiculousness to stop.

David Tuck is an American immigrant from Poland who is calling out liberals for their emotion-driven, fact-free hysteria, and he recently recorded a short video with the Daily Caller to educate the public on why comparing what’s happening on the border — whether you agree with it or not — to the Holocaust is an insult to Holocaust survivors.

Tuck gave a brief overview of the darkest part of his life, surviving four Nazi concentration camps. He was surrounded by brutality and more dead bodies than living ones. He lived with the fear that he would not survive until the next morning.

In comparison, the school-like facilities that illegal immigrant children are temporarily held in while they awaiting hearings are “not a concentration camp,” Tuck assured after looking into them. “All the mattresses, everything, food. I said, at the time I would think it’s a country club.”

“To someone who thinks that America runs concentration camps on the border, can you give them a message as someone who experienced a concentration camp?” the Daily Caller asked Tuck.

“Grow up,” the Holocaust survivor replied. “You know how to spell, you know how to read, how to listen. Do it.”

“You can’t compare,” he continued. “Anytime I hear it, it’s sickening.”

When asked about people who call President Trump and other political opponents ‘Nazis,’ Tuck replied, “It’s just plain sickening. I thought we’re smarting than that.”

He concluded by saying, “It’s still America. It’s still the best country. If you don’t believe it, then leave the country.”

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