Hooligans Vandalize Trump Cabinet Member's 163-Foot Yacht, Putting Lives at Risk

July 26, 2018Jul 26, 2018

Amidst numerous attacks on President Trump administration officials and Trump supporters, Education Secretary Betsy DeVos found herself the victim of vandals pulling a dangerous and costly stunt that put people’s lives at risk.

DeBos, the daughter-in-law of the successful Amway founder and herself a member of a wealthy business family that sells animal feed and garden supplies, owns a beautiful 163-foot yacht named Seaquest, according to the Toledo Blade.

But according to the Huron Police Department in Ohio, someone untied the yacht from its moorings early Sunday morning and set it adrift, the Sandusky Register reported. The yacht crashed into a dock, damaging the boat, before drifting out into the inland seaport where it posed a danger to the numerous other vessels and cargo ships docked near the shore of Lake Erie.

Fortunately, the yacht’s crew woke up and regained control of the boat before it could cause more damage. The damage the boat itself sustained is estimated at up to $10,000. And the danger posed by the adrift vessel could have been a lot worse.


“Had there been different wind or more wind, [the yacht] could have certainly floated a lot further than it did,” Huron City Police Chief Robert Lippert told the Huffington Post.

The city is furious at the act of vandalism and is demanding justice.

City manager Andy White explained, “The concern from the city’s standpoint is that’s a very expensive yacht and we want to show the patrons who come to the city that we’ll provide a good service. This is a blemish on the city we’d rather do without and we’ll seek to have justice done for this act.”

The boat is valued at $40 million and could have been a total loss. Police are still investigating the incident.

Liberals on social media grotesquely mocked the news, noting her family’s wealth, as if that justified damaging her private property and putting people’s lives at risk.


Justifiable vandalism? Is that what they’re calling it?

Other attacks on Trump administration officials and supporters have included threatening gifts, thrown drinks, thrown punches, stolen MAGA hats, and verbally abusive mobs driving their victims away from restaurants. The yacht incident appears to be an escalation.

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