Hot Mic Catches What Reporter SCREAMS at Sarah Sanders as She Exits Briefing

December 18, 2018Dec 18, 2018

As White House press secretary Sarah Sanders exited Tuesday’s press briefing, one particularly rude reporter literally screamed at her. Fortunately, some microphones were still hot and captured his outburst.

“Do your job, Sarah!” the reporter shouted.

Watch the moment below:

The rude reporter was later identified as Breakfast Media White House correspondent Andrew Feinberg.

Feinberg attempted to justify his behavior in a series of tweets after the press conference.

“Since Sarah Sanders took over for @seanspicer as @PressSec MORE THAN A YEAR AGO I have not been able to get a single meeting with her despite my many requests,” he tweeted. “When I find her in her office she is invariably heading to a meeting and tells me to ‘shoot me a note.’”

The whining continued.

“Do I get a response to that note? Never,” he added.

“Do I ever get responses to my requests to speak with administration officials? Never,” he continued. “Do I get calls returned or answers to any other questions I am told to pose via email? Never.”

“Bottom line: @PressSec refuses to brief us, when she does she arranges it to avoid taking more than a few questions before ducking out, and for most of us she’s totally unresponsive,” he concluded. “Why is she in that job drawing $180k/yr salary if she won’t perform its essential functions?”

Clearly, it wasn’t his intention, but his outburst and remarks afterward might explain why Sanders doesn’t go out of her way to answer his questions.

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