Shocking Shift in Black Communities’ Support for Trump Leaves Dems Speechless for 1st Time Ever

August 03, 2018Aug 03, 2018

A new approval rating poll from President Trump has liberals struggling to find an explanation.

Despite intense pressure from Democrats, black leaders, and pop culture figures to conform to the status quo and hate Trump, a skyrocketing number of black voters are resisting their historic ties to the Democratic Party and throwing their support behind the president.

According to polling service Rasmussen Reports, Trump’s approval rating among black voters is 29 percent. That’s just about double from the 15 percent he saw exactly one year ago.

That’s huge!

Black conservative commentator Candace Owens ripped liberals to shreds after the news broke on Friday, writing on Twitter, “WOW! Black support for @realDonaldTrump has DOUBLED since last year. Do you all remember when people laughed at me? When people said the idea of us blacks waking up to the reality of our mental enslavement was a delusion?”

"They aren’t laughing right now."

She also wrote, “I’ve sat down with countless reporters that have questioned my assertion that a major black exit from the Democrat Party was transpiring. They painted me as foolish and insinuated that there was no concrete evidence. HERE IS THE EVIDENCE.”

“Add 5-10% for people afraid to say they are Trump supporters,” said Henry Timmins.

Black conservative libertarian Curtis Carson pointed out, “I will be waiting for the “Breaking News” @CNNPolitics headline...probably a long, long time. Eventually it will no longer be PC to poll black people if they are going to start supporting @realDonaldTrump.”

“And I’m one of them. Voted Hillary and Obama 2X,” tweeted black centrist Crag O.N.

Liberals had little to say on Twitter in response, with the scant replies simply accusing Rasmussen of being biased toward Republicans.

In other words, crickets.

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