Huge: Vast Majority Of Republicans Overwhelmingly Approve of Trump Handled Putin

July 19, 2018Jul 19, 2018

If you only received your news from the mainstream media, you’d probably think that a vast majority of Americans were disgusted with President Trump’s performance during a joint press conference with Russian President Vladimir Putin on Monday.

That’s why other news outlets exist.

According to Axios, a huge majority of Republicans approved of the way Trump handled things.

Their poll shows that 79 percent of Republicans gave Trump the thumbs up, joined by 33 percent of Independents. Seven percent of Democrats quietly acknowledged their support, too — probably while looking furtively over their shoulders as they clicked the “approved” button on the survey.

The media, anti-Trump politicians, and liberals, in general, lashed out at Trump for not condemning anything and everything Russian to the ends of the earth while speaking in the same room as Putin in front of a gaggle of reporters in Helsinki, Finland. Left-center-biased Politico even went as far as to insinuate that Trump should declare war on Russia over election meddling.

Just as a note, in case you’ve forgotten, liberals usually eschew war in all forms.

Former CIA director John Brennan called Trump’s performance “treasonous.” Oddly enough, he made no mention of the Uranium One deal with Russians and the highly suspicious donations former President Bill Clinton’s charitable organization by Russian donors around that time.

In a press conference Wednesday, White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders reminded the media that all the election meddling during Trump’s presidential campaign would have happened under President Obama’s watch. Score one for Sarah.

She also reminded everyone that Trump has sanctioned Russia, kicked Russians out of the U.S., condemned the Russian government, closed Russian consulates, and taken anti-Putin military action in Syria, among other things. It’s unclear if her message got through to the reporters in the room.

Sanders also pointed out that being able to keep an open dialogue with Russia going was good for maintaining peace and stability around the world — something liberals claim to love.

Strange as it may seem, her explanations of how U.S.-Russia relations best work sounded eerily similar to the words that once came out of the mouth of Trump’s biggest naysayer: Hillary Clinton. Check out the amazing things she said during an interview with a Russian.

It will blow your mind.

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