Huh? Joy Behar Accuses NYC’s DeBlasio of Being Small Government Republican

January 16, 2019Jan 16, 2019

A lot of bizarre things are said by the liberal co-hosts on “The View,” but a comment made by Joy Behar on Wednesday is raising a whole lot of eyebrows.

The discussion panel had New York City’s liberal mayor Bill De Blasio on to talk about his plan to give free healthcare to New Yorkers, including illegal aliens — something co-host Sunny Hostin said the White House can learn from.

After the liberal co-hosts on the panel gushed about how De Blasio’s $100 million plan, which he is now implementing, will provide free healthcare for 300,000 illegal immigrants, the mayor proclaimed that “everyone should have a right to health care.” He said his move would solve the expensive emergency room overcrowding problem.

“But are you concerned about abuse? Like people abusing this programs?” co-host Abby Huntsman piped up. “None of these programs are perfect.”

“We’re living in a city with a number of challenges,” she continued. “I ride the subway home every day, and the homelessness is heartbreaking. So if you’re having people who are flocking here, because I’m assuming they will to get free healthcare, how do you pay for all of that? How do you manage that in this city?”

“I don’t think people will flock here. Where we see the homelessness problem is in warmer climates,” De Blasio replied, implying, it seems, that his plan works best in colder climates.

“But this state’s gone up almost 50 percent [in homeless population] since 2007,” Huntsman pointed out, smashing his argument to smithereens.

De Blasio blew her off, claiming that giving free healthcare to everyone who doesn’t have it will be cheaper in the long run.

Then co-host Meghan McCain stepped in and said, “Can I ask just one quick question? Do you think the VA is run well and it’s a great medical organization?”

“No, of course not,” De Blasio responded.

“That’s a government-run healthcare,” McCain pointed out.

“That’s a federal government-run healthcare,” the mayor shot back with a smirk.

“And you don’t think there’s a difference between what’s going to happen in New York and what’s happening with the VA?” McCain asked.

“We’re closer to the ground, and we’re accountable to our own people,” De Blasio argued.

And then co-host Joy Behar said something really odd.

“You know what, you sound like a Republican a bit because they believe in small government,” Behar interrupted. “You’re saying, do it on a local level.”

“Well, Joy, I know you mean that in the best way,” De Blasio laughed it off.

McCain tried to argue that providing universal health care is not a function of a small government, but the crowd was laughing too loudly and co-host Whoopi Goldberg quickly shifted the discussion into her beef with De Blasio over all the new bike lanes in the city.

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