Former CIA Contractor And Interrogator Predicts Another 9/11 Is Coming

September 11, 2018Sep 11, 2018

Author of “Enhanced Interrogation: Inside The Minds And Motives Of Islamic Terrorists” James Mitchell, predicted a series of “lone wolf attacks” against the United States before the next 9/11 style strike.

“I think they still would like to do some kind of a catastrophic attack. I think the way that it’s metastasized now though is they’re going to have to focus more on lone wolf attacks until we become so complacent that they’re able to actually make another catastrophic attack,” he said on “Fox & Friends” Tuesday.

Mitchell said American law enforcement has remained on high alert for terror attacks and is doing everything it can to prevent another major incident.

“Fortunately, every day the men and women of the FBI and the local sheriff’s departments and the law enforcement efforts inside the United States are doing what they can do to prevent these attacks,” he continued.


Mitchell also lamented the legal processing protocol for terrorists and said America should not be “bending over backwards” to accommodate killers.

“Back to the people in Guantanamo Bay, they should be subjected to a military commission, found guilty, and summarily executed,” he declared.

“We should not be bending over backwards to let them file thousands of motions because justice delayed cheats the victims and the families of the people who were killed in those attacks, from true justice.”

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