Jim Acosta Gets Shut Down -Yelling And Grandstanding Again In The Oval Office

July 30, 2018Jul 30, 2018

In yet another grandstanding moment of disrespect towards President Donald Trump, CNN's Jim Acosta starts yelling questions at the president. It's not as if reporters don't call out questions to the president, but in the clip, you can clearly hear and see Jim is yelling WAY louder than anyone else. 

You can even see the lady standing next to Jim look back at him as if to say, "really?" It's what happens next that has everyone talking though. It seems as if White House aides have had enough of his ludicrous antics. 


You can hear one of the aides yelling at Jim in the same voice he is using. "Press, Let's go! Make your way out! Let's go! Move, Jim! Let's go. Keep going Jim, let's go!" "Jim, we're leaving come on Jim! Go, we're done.

Some might argue that she was too harsh in dealing with poor Jim, but he continually bellows over her voice trying to get his questions in. His complete disregard for the office of the president is appalling. 

Some On The Tolerant Left Responded by saying unfounded horrific things.


“Trump is a weak FECKLESS C*** Coward who hides & can’t fight his own fights and never has! #weak”

Others made references to President Trump ruling as a dictator.


“This is a dictatorship!” They scream on Twitter. 

It seems as if they have no idea what a dictatorship is actually like.

To hear Jim tell it you would think he was a martyr. When asked in early July, "Why do you think there is so much resentment or criticism of the way you do this?"

Jim's response says it all. "well to some extent you know the President, Fox News, they don't have Barak Obama around anymore. They don't have Hillary Clinton, although the President goes after Hillary a lot, so does Fox News. And so we've sorta replaced Obama and Hillary. They need somebody to attack and I think that we've sorta filled that role." 

Relevant remarks start at the 1:21 mark. 

Watch His Excuse For Yelling At The President All The Time. 

Do you think the White House should let Jim stay?

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