CNN’s Jim Acosta Mocks Seb Gorka to His Face at White House — HUGE Mistake

January 18, 2019Jan 18, 2019

Former Trump administration official Sebastian Gorka was at the White House on Friday for a private meeting with President Donald Trump when CNN reporter Jim Acosta suddenly approached.

Acosta looked at Dr. Gorka, put his hand on his arm, and reportedly said, “Why are you here? This place is for journalists only.” Then he walked away.

Gorka told the Daily Caller that he was “waiting inside the entrance of the Briefing Room for a private meeting with the president.”
Stunned by the lack of decorum, Gorka made the room go silent with his response.

“Abilio ‘Jim’ Acosta, you are a d***head,” he reportedly shouted.

The Daily Caller’s Vince Coglianese confirmed the “whole room went silent as Gorka chewed [Acosta] out.”

“For the next 40 minutes, he hid in the back and didn’t come out as I was right by the exit, until I went to the Oval Office,” Gorka said.

He continued: “Jim Acosta is actually worse than anyone imagined. He’s definitely not a journalist, and he is clearly a cowering coward. I just feel sorry for anyone who is in the White House pool with him and know he is hated by all the actual journalists in the White House.”

Radio host Mike Gallagher reportedly witnessed the entire scuffle and backed up Gorka’s version.

“At first I thought maybe they were friends, in a weird way, but then I looked at Jim Acosta and he was serious,” the radio host said Friday. “He was trying to humiliate Gorka.”

He added: “You haven’t lived until you’ve heard Gorka bellow, ‘ABILIO!’ in the briefing room.”

Acosta was looking for attention again — and this time, he got it.

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