Acosta Shows up at Signing for New Book; What Happened Next Has Everyone Laughing

June 13, 2019Jun 13, 2019

CNN’s chief White House correspondent Jim Acosta has thrust himself into the national spotlight with his trend of yelling accusatory questions at President Trump whenever he gets the chance. It hasn’t helped his news network’s claims of objectivity.

He even used one of Trump’s lines about the liberal-biased mainstream media as the title of his new book, “The Enemy of the People: A Dangerous Time to Tell the Truth in America,” which features an image of Acosta shouting a question at the president.

Acosta, who Trump personally called “fake news,” has been promoting his book like crazy. He’s been hitting talk shows and was even given a CNN interview of himself to boost his new work.

But then he showed up for a surprise book signing at a Barnes & Noble, and the aura of anticipation surrounding his new book fell apart like wet paper.

The book signing was held at the bookstore in Arlington, Virginia, just four miles from the White House across the Potomac in D.C. Acosta posted photos of himself on Twitter signing the inside cover of one of his books, looking just like a proud new dad.

But people immediately noticed something about the photos. Acosta didn’t include any pictures with anyone actually showing up for his signing. Ouch.

The blowback was merciless.

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