Jimmy Kimmel Mocks Hispanic Culture in New Walmart Ad — and Gets Away with It

December 14, 2018Dec 14, 2018

Cultural appropriation is a big no-no. Or so we’re told. At least for conservatives. If you’re a President Trump-bashing liberal, you just might get away with it.

Throwing a fiesta-themed party, donning a sombrero, and painting your face for Día de Los Muertos is considered the height of inappropriate in today’s “politically correct” culture if you’re not Hispanic.

But what about creating a Walmart ad that uses Hispanic stereotypes to generate laughs and sell toys? Seems like that would garner sneers of disgust as well, but not if you’re Jimmy Kimmel, apparently.

Kimmel shared a video he created featuring Mexican native Guillermo Rodriguez, who plays Kimmel’s sidekick on his late night talk show, now dressed up as Santa Claus.

As children excitedly sit on Guillermo Claus’ lap and make requests for trendy new toys, one by one the Mexican man disappoints them by offering them a grapefruit instead — an obvious reference to Hispanic citrus sellers in California.

After a little girl asks for a Fingerlings Unicorn, Guillermo tells her he can’t give her one but offers a “better gift” in the form of “grapefruit with a face on it.”

“Is that fun?” he asks.

“No, it’s not fun!” the girl yells.

A boy then asks Guillermo Claus for an Airhog Supernova but instead gets “Mr. Grapefuitface” instead.

“Santa, you’re the worst,” the boy tells him.

Then Kimmel walks in and gives a plug for Walmart’s toy department, explaining to the clueless Guillermo Claus that kids want trendy toys more than grapefruit nowadays.

“Santa, you stink!” the little girl returns to slug the grapefruit at his belly.

“She’s right, though, you do kind of stink,” Kimmel tells the Hispanic man.

Take a look:

Some of Kimmel’s Twitter followers did call him out on it, although some people took more issue with the fact that he was advertising for Walmart:






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