WATCH: People Wondering if Joe Biden Is OK After First Speech as 2020 Candidate

April 29, 2019Apr 29, 2019

Former Vice President Joe Biden delivered his first speech as a 2020 Democratic candidate for president on Monday — and many are wondering if he is okay.

Biden appeared to slur his way through many parts of the speech, leaving people wondering what exactly is going on with Joe.

Watch the video below:

Biden struggled with simple words like “incredible” and “successful.” It really gets uncomfortable at times.

The slurring and confusion wasn’t lost on Americans on Twitter.

“Biden sounds like Pelosi after a fifth of vodka. His candidacy just went up in flames,” one Twitter user wrote.

“Imagine what the press would say if Trump gave a speech like this,” another user commented.

That’s a good point.

The video was even linked on the Drudge Report:

There's no shame in losing a step as we get older, but the issue does become relevant when you are running for president of the United States. America needs a leader at the top of his game.

Biden is 76 years old. President Donald Trump recently commented on Biden's age during remarks to the media.

"I am a young, vibrant man," Trump said. "I look at Joe, I don't know about him.

When asked how he would beat Biden in 2020 election, Trump responded, "I would say: easily."

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