CNN’s John Berman Fires Back At Trump After President Criticizes ‘Mainstream Media’ On Twitter

October 26, 2018Oct 26, 2018

CNN’s John Berman responded to President Donald Trump’s tweet about the mainstream media on “New Day” Thursday and criticized the commander-in-chief for attacking the press.

“What is the first statement the president makes about this today — it’s to attack the media,” Berman said.

Potential explosive devices were sent to Bill and Hillary Clinton’s residence and former President Barack Obama, in addition to other prominent politicians and CNN’s New York bureau Wednesday. Billionaire George Soros also received an explosive device in his mailbox at his home in New York Monday.


Berman became slightly aggravated and said while Trump was insulting the media, the press was reporting on yet another bomb that was sent, this time to Hollywood actor Robert De Niro.

“Well let me tell you what the mainstream media has been doing this morning,” he continued. “We’ve been reporting on a bomb that was delivered to the office of Robert De Niro. An eighth bomb delivered somewhere over the last 2 1/2 days.”

“Explosives sent to either kill, threaten or scare these people and American society. Traffic was stopped on the west side highway today as this bomb was delivered to a safer area, and buildings have been evacuated,” Berman added. “That is what is going on this morning, and the president is blaming the media.”

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