Judge Drops Hammer on Porn Star Lawyer Michael Avenatti — Karma Is Expensive

December 06, 2018Dec 06, 2018

Porn star lawyer Michael Avenatti had a very bad day in family court — and it’s going to cost him millions.

“According to docs filed in Orange County, a judge ordered Avenatti to pay Lisa Storie-Avenatti $37,897 per month in child support, retroactive to Jan. 1, 2018. We'll do the math for ya ... it's $454,764,” TMZ reported.

The report added: “The order also requires Avenatti to pay her spousal support of $124,398 per month, retroactive to Jan. 2018. That's roughly $1.5 million.”


However, cash isn’t all that Avenatti will have to fork over.

The attorney will also have give his estranged wife many of his expensive assets, including luxury watches as well as an expensive Frank Gehry sculpture and other artwork.

And his 2017 Ferarri 488 GT Spider he was leasing? That’s gone too, according to the settlement.

Finally, Avenatti’s law firm will also be “required to transfer, to Lisa, its interest in a 2016 Honda private jet,” according to TMZ.

It’s just the latest string of bad news for Avenatti, who recently announced he would not be running for president in 2020 amid speculation that he created himself.


“I do not make this decision lightly — I make it out of respect for my family. But for their concerns, I would run," Avenatti said in a statement.

Avenatti actually got one thing right: He said Democrats have yet to produce a candidate strong enough or tough enough to give President Donald Trump a real challenge in 2020.


Republican National Committee spokesman Michael Ahrens agrees.

“For all of his flaws, Michael Avenatti has one thing right: the Democratic field is a disaster and the likely candidates ‘have no real chance at winning,’” Ahrens said.

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