Kim Foxx Gets More Terrible News After ‘Highly Unusual’ Smollett Decision

March 29, 2019Mar 29, 2019

Cook County State’s Attorney Kim Foxx’s office is getting hit by yet another group of critics after their decision to drop Jussie Smollett’s 16 felony charges in exchange for him forfeiting his $10,000 in bond money.

Prosecutor Joe Maggots, who reports to Foxx, has been partly the focus for the criticism, especially after he admitted he believes Smollett is guilty of lying to Chicago police about the alleged hate crime attack on him.

Foxx herself has also become a focus after she publicly defended the decision and backtracked on her office’s earlier claim that she had recused herself from the case over a possible conflict of interest. Now she says she didn’t recuse herself.

The Illinois Prosecutors Bar Association condemned the decision made by Maggots — and possibly Foxx — as well as Foxx’ overall handling of the case, according to NBC Chicago.

"The manner in which this case was dismissed was abnormal and unfamiliar to those who practice law in criminal courthouses across the state," the bar association said. "Prosecutors, defense attorneys, and judges alike do not recognize the arrangement Mr. Smollett received. Even more problematic, the State’s Attorney [Foxx] and her representatives have fundamentally misled the public on the law and circumstances surrounding the dismissal."

The association also said Foxx’ office "falsely informed the public that the uncontested sealing of the criminal court case was 'mandatory' under Illinois law." Not only were Smollett’s charges dropped, but his case was also sealed.

"These statements are plainly misleading and inaccurate,” they added. “This action was highly unusual, not a statutory diversion program, and not in accordance with well accepted practices of State’s Attorney initiated diversionary programs.”

Also, Cook County Commissioner Sean Morrison called the prosecutor’s office’s decision to drop charges “a slap in the face” to the Chicago Police and demanded that Foxx be questioned by a board of inquiry.

On top of that, the non-partisan National District Attorney’s Association went after her, too, pointing out that Foxx should have recused not only herself but her entire office.

And let’s not forget that President Trump announced that the Justice Department and FBI were going to investigate the prosecutor’s office.

“Rough seas ahead for Kim Foxx,” declared Fox News contributor Guy Benson.


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